Success on a global scale
The next-generation of the Convertible Intel classmate PC brings enhanced teaching and
learning to students around the world with new education-specific hardware features
and software applications. Improved durability, flexibility, and security make the classmate
PCs a sound investment for schools and nations seeking solid 1:1 eLearning outcomes.
Convertible classmate PCs are affordable, rugged netbooks designed for interactive,
collaborative learning. They instantly convert from clamshell to touch-optimized tablet mode,
giving students expanded flexibility and micro-mobility inside and outside the classroom.
Based on extensive research in classrooms worldwide and in collaboration with educators
and local vendors, Conver tible classmate PCs bring advantages from localized content to
interoperability with school networks and infrastructures.
• Enable best practices for 1:1 eLea rning, 21st centur y skill development, and
measurable results
• Deployed by a wide ecosystem of local vendors with geographically appropriate software,
services, and technical support
• Pa rt of the Intel® Learning Series, a cost-effective, end-to-end solution delivering
culturally relevant content, sustainability, and support for local economies
Designed for Students
Intel classmate PC.Convertible
Intel® Atom™ processor N2600 (dual-core)
Part of the Intel® Learning Series
NOTE: minimum size here at 35.81mm/1.41 inch wide
“The Convertible classmate PC
is the ideal product for our
learning environment. The PC
is going to get knocked around
during the day. It’s casing is
really robust, so it’s really well
protected. It can be dropped
and it still works fine. The swivel
screen is also a great feature—
it can be turned into a tablet,
and touch screen functionality
also adds another great
dimension to the product."
David Vernon
Math Teacher,
Broadgreen County Primary, Liverpool