Intel® Learning Series Software Suite
The Intel® Learning Series Software Suite provides a more collaborative, secure,
enhanced, and easy-to-use experience. Optimized for improvements in performance, stability,
and scalability, it has been tested in real-world 1:1 eLearning environments.
• Students: Reading, writing, painting, drawing, and collaboration tools to help students learn
and improve core skills.
• Teachers: O ptimized for wireless classroom environments, the classroom management
application supports collaboration, group teaching, testing, and file transfer for efficient
organization and assessment.
• IT Administrators: The trusted platform module (TPM)-based hardware and software
theft deterrent solution helps protect capital and operational investments. Theft deterrence
includes setting certificate-ba sed policies that are hardware-hardened and BIOS-enforced.
• Parents: An a ccess management application allows parents to set and monitor children’s
access at home.
Classroom Management
Theft Deterrent
New Intel® Learning Series Sof tware Suite Features
• User-friendly, collaborative classroom solution
• Optimized performance in wireless classroom environments
• Group teaching, instant quiz , and student screen thumbnail features
• Improved file distribution and collection features
More Secure
Theft Deterrent
•Improved scalability supports large-scale deployment of distributed and
centralized modes
• Improved usabilit y and manageability, including in time agent status updates;
smart network heartbeat to lower network traffic; smart agent upgrade;
protection against uninstalling or changing settings to ensure stability
and connectivity
Easier IT
System Recovery
To ol
• View and manage students’ computers easily from school or district servers
• Improved recovery, backup, and restore functions
• McAfee* anti-virus protection for digital safety
Improved P en
Input, Note Taker,
Painting and
Drawing, and
• Enables a smoother, more natural and consistent touch and feel
• Accurate and consistent performance for writing
• Ergo-friendly with easy palm resting
• Allows a more natural writing experience with pressure-sensing digitizer
• Optimized e-reader with multiple format support and annotation
• WebCam-based natural science exploration tool
LabCam Home
Access Management