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Real classmate PCs for real-world achievement
The Intel Classmate PC—Convertible
• Intel supports an extensive
ecosystem (Intel® Learning Series
Alliance) to provide a complete
education solution, including access,
connectivity, hardware, software,
localized content, and professional
development for teachers
• Built on reliable Intel® architecture with “real PC" performance
• Pre-loaded with operating sy stem, and education and classroom
management applications
• Runs hundreds of mainstream popular applications
• Built to withstand everyday use by active students, with rugged
construction, sturdy plastic cases, handles, water-resistant keyboard,
touch pad, and LCD screen; capable of withstanding a drop from 70cm
• Cost-effective; works easily a nd reliably with the other hardware
and softwa re in the Intel Learning Series
• Built-in wireless connectivity for easy network and
Internet connections
• Education-specific features
and software designed to help
children learn
• Internet filtering so children
can safely explore the Internet
• Water-resista nt keyboard
• Durable construction and outer case, built to withsta nd a drop
from 70cm
• Supports educational activities at school and at home
• Purpose-built for education to
suppor t individual learning styles
and help students stay engaged
• Enhances curriculum through
access to Internet resources, multi-
media, and localized digital content
• Allows real-time testing a nd assessment
• Classroom management softwa re helps facilitate intera ctive,
student-led learning
• Access-management features include content filtering, scheduling,
logging, and program blocking, helping teachers to ensure child-
appropriate content and monitor technology use
• Easy file sha ring and group content creation for classroom
• Lightweight and compact; offers micromobility, allowing for
natural, comfortable use, whether students are sitting, standing,
or moving about
• Intel Learning Series solutions include technical and pedagogical
teacher training
• Provides engaging, interactive
ways for students to absorb
information and create content
• Converts instantly from a clamshell
design to a tablet PC
• Advanced palm-resting technology
for full ha nd suppor t when writing or drawing in tablet mode
• Stylus for writing and drawing directly on screen; handwriting
recognition and note-taking/annotation software for natural
content input, without typing
• Built-in rotational camera simplifies capturing photos
• Built-in audio and microphone to experience and create content
Education Policy Makers and School Administrators
Purpose-built for education, these netbooks are delivered by local vendors, providing geographically relevant, culturally appropriate teaching
and learning solutions—and ongoing local service and support.
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